Peggy Chan

Creative writing has been my hobby ever since my school days. I like to write poems and short stories.

People these days are very busy and seldom have the time to indulge in reading long novels. One can only read sections of a long novel because of this and I believe this detracts from one’s enjoyment of the book. When you pick it up again to continue from where you left off the last time, you need to think and recall the story line and the characters.Thus I chose to write short reads that can be consumed in a short span of time.

I have crafted short-read love stories, poems, and children’s poems and books, as well as non-fiction books. If you enjoy books that have adult content, I have also written several under the pen name of Denise Denton. They are also short reads.

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‘Dear God! God was taking away three mothers in her family, God who is Love. Consumed with fear and hatred for God, desperate to help her sister Renee who had a young family dependent on her, what will Meg do? What can she do? Find out how Meg stands up to God whom she had rejected in favour of ancestral worship. Follow her on her journey.’



I really enjoyed this book. As a Christian, I found it fascinating to see how Peggy struggled with a God who she was told was all good and loving but had a hard time reconciling this to the realities of her own life experiences. I also enjoyed seeing the interaction of her culture and the Christian faith and the struggles it caused. I don't want to spoil the plot for you but I would say that if you are in mission work, this is a book you will want to read. It will get you out of your own head space and give you understanding of what some of the reluctance you might face.

Virgil L.

In her book, Peggy wrestles with answers that are not always easy to discern. She conveys the crushing struggles she (and her family) endured, always wondering where a God, who is supposedly all powerful, existed or was hiding. However, she does reach a place of peace and expresses it gracefully for believers and seekers alike. It's a courageous and touching journey for anyone who struggles with the pangs of mortality, questions our understanding of suffering, and embraces the power of prayer. ...

Jeff Kuzmich

A really beautiful and detailed description of her path to God. Everyone's way there is different, but you can learn things from everyone's journey. I feel closer to God after reading this. I am so grateful for this book. ...

Kathryn Jones

From a lost soul to a true believer is a long road to travel, but the author has demonstrated it can be done. Without friends it is a difficult thing to do when you have lived for so many years as a non-believer. God's love holds the answers to all questions. God's love is everywhere, however you must believe to see and feel it. ...

Bobby Brooks